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Homeland Security and Emergency Management Training and Exercise Services for the National Capital Region 

The scope of this contract includes:

  • Designing, developing, conducting and evaluating regional entities and local government discussion-based exercises (Seminars, Workshops, Tabletop Exercises, and Games);
  • Designing, developing, conducting and evaluating regional entities and local government operations-based exercises (Drills, Functional and Full-scale Exercises);
  • Developing and instructing courses in exercise program management, design, development, conduct, evaluation, and improvement planning for State and local partners as prescribed as part of the National Standard Exercise
  • Contingency support of HSEMA and other NCR agencies for the evaluation of responses to incidents or real-world events;
  • Developing, managing and hosting learning management platforms for interactive and cloud based training and education
  • Providing technical and planning assistance to NCR agencies for the purposes of supporting the refinement of processes or the correction of areas needing improvement resulting from training events.
  • Recommending appropriate in-service training for HSEMA and other District agencies and supporting agencies staffs the defines acceptable practices in response to emergency management;
  • Recommending training and policy development and approaches that would promote an effective strategy as a result of the assessment of either real-world incidents, planned events, or accredited exercises
  • Involve participation of the key federal, state, and local professionals and organizations that would normally participate as appropriate to the situation (i.e. DHS/FEMA, law enforcement agencies, hospitals, public health departments, emergency medical services, fire departments, and emergency management agencies, Senior Leadership etc.) that would normally be involved based upon the scenario.
  • Ensure all training and exercise activities are NIMS and HSEEP complaint.

The statement of work also includes providing the necessary labor, equipment, and materials to perform the work and deliver such as:

  • Work Planning
  • Program and task management
  • Review of plans, policies, procedures, protocols, authorities and strategies related to exercise design, development, conduct, evaluation, and improvement planning.
  • Defining the scope of preparedness exercises
  • Developing exercise schedules.
  • Identifying exercise resources
  • Defining exercise scope, capabilities, tasks, and objectives.
  • Identifying Exercise Evaluation Guidelines (EEGs) to be used for exercise evaluation.
  • Development and conduct of exercise planning conferences.
  • Development of comprehensive, capabilities and objectives-based exercise scenarios.
  • Design, development, conduct, and evaluation of exercises.
  • Design and development, and production of exercise documentation.
  • Preparation of exercise sites and facilities.
  • Identification and management of exercise logistics.
  • Provide exercise control.
  • Provide exercise simulation cells.
  • Provide additional exercise subject matter experts and exercise support team members (facilitators, subject matter experts, controllers, video production team, makeup artists and other exercise staffing augmentation)as requested and generally linked to a specific exercise.
  • Provide exercise data collection and evaluation.
  • Identify, train, and support exercise control staff, evaluation staff, and participants.
  • Provide exercise evaluation and associated documentation.
  • Develop after-action reports including improvement plans.
  • Conduct after-action conferences.
  • Manage Corrective Action Data


“I have worked in the National Capital Region since 1975, either as a career civil servant or as a consultant. NCR preparedness has been a central focus of Readiness Consulting since its inception in 1999 and continues with this important MWCOG contract award.

There is no more important region to our nation than the NCR. It is the center of gravity for our government, the leadership who directs it and the professional workforce who serves as its engine. Its complexities, nuances and subtleties are not lost on those who choose to work in its footprint. Nothing can be taken for granted; nothing is static; nothing is more important than maintaining its security and stability in a dynamic threat environment.

We at Readiness Consulting are up to the challenge and proud once more to be a part of the regional team.”