Contingency Planning

RCS provides subject matter expertise in all levels of planning, civil and military, from strategic and conceptual, to operational and tactical.


  • National Level Planning. Developed the 1992 Federal Response Plan upon which the current National Response Framework (NRF) was built. Supported the development of ESF 5 and ESF 13 of the NRF in support of the Department of Homeland Security Integration Staff.
  • Developed the CONPLAN for Consequence Management for the 2009 Inaugural National Security Special Event for the FEMA Office of the National Capital Coordination.
  • Regional Planning for the National Capital Region (NCR) through the Washington Metropolitan Council of Governments. Development of the Regional Emergency Coordination Plan for 3 states and 26 jurisdictions in the NCR. Developed the concept of “Regional Emergency Support Functions (R-ESFs) to coordinate and facilitate regional coordination. Developed the Regional Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) for the NCR through the NCR USASI.
  • Regional Planning for the East- West Gateway Council of Governments in cooperation with the St Louis Area Regional Response System (STARRS). Conducted an elected officials tabletop to introduced the concept to elected officials in the region.