Exercises, Simulations, Training and Facilitation

RCS develops and conducts all types of exercises, simulations and drills; Senior Leadership Seminars (SLS), Regional Readiness Workshops and Catastrophic Scenario development and facilitation policy dialogs to meet customer needs and HSEEP compliancy.

Designed, developed and conducted exercises in every federal region in the United States, Scenarios conducted include:
  • Flood (Mid-west and Pacific Northwest)
  • Earthquake (NMSZ, NESZ, CSD)
  • Extreme Temperature (NCR)
  • Hurricane (USGC and East Coast, Hawaii)
  • Super-typhoon (Guam, RMI)
  • Pandemic Influenza (NCR)
  • Terrorist use of WMD (Chemical, biological, radiological) (Nashville FFE, 2009 Inaugural NSSE, Richmond, VA)